Welcome to the NEW - REVERBERATORS web page!

Welcome friends - to the REVERBERATORS new web site !! Content is being added and tweaked but the important stuff (schedule, music, videos) is all up to date. Feel free to contact me (Marty McDermott) at (518) 281-1391 for info or e-mail me at reverberators@aol.com. This site will be further populated as we move forward with photos, links, band news and info - all the usual stuff!! Thanks for checking us out!
And the original song, "Christmas in Albany" will be broadcast in local (Albany area) markets (as in previous years) as the holiday season draws near. It's available for purchase at Blue Note Records on Central Ave., Albany and CD-Baby, I-Tunes and most other electronic media outlets! Stay tuned for upcoming Holiday events with the REVERBERATORS and "Christmas in Albany" !!

     Thanks your interest! Support local arts, music, musicians and the venues that feature them!